Friday, 1 July 2016

Mesmeric Acrylic and Resin Swirl Table Brings the Cosmos to the Dining Room

Fashionable artist Bich Nguyen skillfully mixes acrylic paint and resin to create fascinating swirls of color, which seems brightly hued hot springs seen from above, or maybe nebulae given the tie-dye treatment. Her most amazing current work is a five-by-three-foot wooden panel that she’s mounted on glass legs to make a table almost too appealing to use.

Moreover, the tones in the piece deep blues, greens, purples, and aquamarines, carefully mixed with soft streaks of white and splatters of gold seem to twist and ripple into one another, which she says comes from layers of testing and a loose, unintended approach. However, the acrylic affords color; it's the resin that provides the panel its shine, so it shines like a surreal reinterpretation of a marble countertop.

Therefore, of her process, she explains, many times, I come to a painting with a common idea of which direction I want to go, however on the other times I have no exact idea, nevertheless the paint always takes me on a expedition that I cannot plan, that is the real beauty of it, routine life isn't always like that.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Graceful Wooden Chair Hand-Carved from a Single Tree Stump

If you’ve artistic mind and vision, then you can convert an ordinary tree stump into something very special furniture for your home. The creative mind artist Alex Johnson revealed his chair named “Glemham” which he carved out of a large oak stump. Although The “Glemham”  he has created during a residency at White House Farm, which is the seasonal home of The Alde Valley Spring Festival near Great Glemham, England. Alex Johnson took more than six months to complete his incredible wooden chair by hand with the help of tools like a chisel and gouge.

Moreover, its stump was harvested from the farm and felled by a local timber man. He started gradually shaping and developing the wood into a sophisticated piece of furniture, with curved arms that flow into tricky flourishes adorning the base of the chair. He said, after finishing the carving, “Glemham” I’m debuted at the annual Festival Exhibition and now resides in the farm’s old Threshing Barn. Indeed, I put in a lot of efforts to produce this magnificent chair to add in my successful portfolio. I do believe, people will admire my effort and decorate their home with this special chair.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Thonet launches colorful outdoor Range of Classic Chairs

Thonet is launching an outdoor range of classic chairs by Mart Stam, Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, reveals CEO Thorsten Muck in this special Dezeen produced for the German brand Called Thonet All Seasons. The fresh collections at the imm Cologne 2016 trade fair consist of four tubular steel chairs. It is noted, that these chairs originally designed in 1920’s by teachers at the famous Bauhaus art School.  These chairs were extremely suitable for outdoor use, but somehow have missed the heritages. The iconic chairs feature ultraviolet resistant mesh upholstery on steel frames treated with an exclusive weather resistant coating named “ThonetProtect”.

These chairs are made in a special way with a surface which is resistant against harmful outdoor environments. The classic designs gives the opportunity to customers to mix and match frame and upholstery colors. The frames of chairs are made with Thonet’s Frankenberg Factory in Germany with combining different colors to produce individual furniture. If you look the history you’ll came to know that Thonet was founded by German carpenter Michael Thonet in 1819 and became famous for its steam bent wood furniture. The teachers of the Bauhaus came to Thonet to ask if we were able to bend tubular steel in the way to able to bend wood."
Thonet CEO Thorsten Muck

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Stylishly Coffee Table Strength in Simplicity by Bungee Cord Tension

The British design studio Henry Swanzy Ltd actually operates under the slogan of “Strength in Simplicity” and their newest piece of furniture fully embodies this motto. The design team has created a clever coffee table, called Bareppa, held together using tension from a bungee cord. The appealing ideas behind this piece of furniture are heavily guided by its minimalistic approach and ease of assembly. Without any doubt it's designed for owners to effortlessly put it together in just one minute. The three wooden legs are attached at specific angle, slotted into the table top, and syndicate with the weight of the glass to attain stability; the bungee cord merely increases tension to keep the legs in their suitable positions.

Henry Swanzy is based in Falmouth; United Kingdom, the company creates contemporary furniture that is both sophisticated and functional. In 2013, Henry Swanzy launched the company, shows craft skills that have been honed more than twenty years in the industry and seem in the quality and detail of the furniture. He worked predominantly with wood for its strength and adaptability, and he has also developed a deep respect for the material that “has been integral to our existence for tens of thousands of years.”

Monday, 9 November 2015

Creative Furniture Designed to Store the Bike in Rack to Save Space in Small Apartments

Well, these days, one of the real challenges of riding a bike in a city doesn’t happen on the streets, but in your home. Therefore to finding a proper place to store your bicycle is a big issue for those who lack the sufficient square footage. You know, in a studio apartment that only fits a bed, desk, and bookshelf, the bike swiftly becomes an obstacle. Though wall mounts are a solution for some, Chilean designer “Manuel Rossel” has come up with another solution to this problem furniture that doubles as a bicycle rack.

Manuel Rossel has made bookcases, sideboards, and a couch with wheels in mind. Every piece has a groove that balances the bicycle, permitting you to instantaneously display books, shoes, and other knick-knacks. Hence, without the bike, the furniture still looks remarkable, and it stands on its own as sleek and modern design. Moreover, there’s another advantage to having your bike on constant display and easily accessible you might be more to be expected to ride it. Designer predicts his creations as anti-sedentary furniture by inspiring folks to get out of their cars. Moreover, the best idea behind the creation is to inspire people who drives lose all the benefits of physical activity. Hence riding the biking also leads to economic savings and relieve the decongestion and decontamination of cities. Presently, Rossel’s designs are only available in Chile, but he hopes to start shipping internationally soon. Source: My Modernmet

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Things to Consider in Creating Your Own Kitchen Decorating Ideas

When you want to decorate the kitchen in your home, it will be so much better if you have the kitchen decorating ideas. So then, you will have great and fabulous references in planning your cooking area well.  Then, decorating the kitchen will be a fun and fascinating thing to do because you have the opportunity to make your creativity and imagination become real.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Urban Treehouses in Berlin Equipped with Kitchen and Bath for Long-Term Living

This gorgeous house is located in Berlin, and this project is recognized as Urban Treehouse showcases a modern design that has the possibility for long-term living. Baumraum is a firm famous for this type of elevated architecture, and they’ve created the treehouses as an experimental research project. They are set within a community of residential buildings with bigger properties and gardens which is much different than a rural area surrounded by nature. The design proposes to add to the city’s collection of insignificant alternative constructions, all while preserving the nearly 7,000 square-foot tree population around it. Urban Treehouse comprises of two near-identical cubic units that each have 226 square feet of living space, including a kitchen and bathroom. Both hover on a 13 foot-high base and have a lower terrace that’s 8.5 feet from the ground. For one of the treehouses, the flight of stairs is supported by flexible suspensions from a near oak. The structures ingeniously conceal their utilities, supply circuit, and storage space in the bases. 

Their overall load-bearing design, supports, and frames are made of galvanized steel sections with solid prefabricated five-layer spruce panels used in the walls, ceiling, and floor. The brightly-lit, warm-wood interiors are offset by exterior aluminum composite panels. This juxtaposition makes a clean, modern feel that makes them more than just a weekend getaway.