Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Handmade Baby Cradle

Building a homemade baby cradle will not only save you cash, but it will hand out as a functional and charming heirloom that will calm a newborn and can be passed down through generations. This quick and easy project can be inexpensively and sturdily built using a combination of oak hardwood and plywood. Only with a few screws, woodworker's glue and varnish, you can make and finish a homemade cradle in two weekends.
Every house mom needs some time to take rest or finish household job with their small baby. Here’s the solution of handmade baby cradle, made from a Canadian oak. This unique Baby Cradle can be found on Etsy. Baby Cradle includes a British Made and British Standard Breathable foam Mattress and 2 fitted sheets and also a Scottish Sporran and Hanging Rope. No glues or unnatural products have been used to create this cradle. This is really cute & tension free option for moms. 

How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

It is common activity in every kitchen to clean sink several times, but it just isn’t the similar as it was when you bought it. Here we’d going to show you a well-organized way of cleaning your kitchen sink and getting rid of the germs by sanitizing it. You just have to follow simple steps you won’t be using any chemicals and your sink will look brand new again. You will require using liquid soap for dish-washing, distilled wine vinegar, baking soda, rock salt, lemon or lime, toothbrush, old rag and a nylon or soft sponge. If you want to make a daily clean a mild soap and a nylon sponge will do it.
It is very vital to avoid using ammonia or bleach because they can do some serious damage to stainless steel. After cleaning just rinse sink and wipe it dry with a towel. It is really imperative that you rinse out the sink every time after using it, as the salt in the food can also harm the stainless steel. Wet the surface of your sink and cover it with a little baking soda.
Make a paste out of it by brushing with the sponge and then rinse well. With the toothbrush you can clean the caulk seal and all around the sink. Scrub fine with baking soda. Rinse and then repeat the process. Soak some paper towels in vinegar and cover the entire sink with them. Let them sit for twenty minutes then throw away the paper towels. With a sponge dipped into water and soap, clean the surface of the sink, then rinse thoroughly.
Another way for cleaning your sink would be to put two cups of ice into the drain and pour one cup of rock salt onto them. Turn on the cold water and let it pour onto this mix and turn on the garbage disposal. Then just wait for the ice to vanish. Here’s you can also clean your sink by using a lemon or a lime. Just cut the lemon, turn on the water and the garbage disposal add the lemon piece by piece to the garbage disposal. This will clean your drain adequately and will also give a pleasant aroma to your kitchen.

Fabulous Aquarium Placing On Toilet Tank

Most of peoples think the ridiculous idea of placing an aquarium on toilet tank, and what happens to the fish, whether they can survive or not? I do not want to think about how they go in drain sad for them. In fact it was a joke, and don’t worry, the fish don’t get flushed down the drain. Actually the aquarium toilet has 3 separate tanks, and one for water flowing in, and 2nd for water flowing out, and third for fish and underwater plants, keeping them isolated from any plumbing function. Moreover the green point is that the LED device that lights the fish tank can also be used instead of bathroom lighting, cutting electricity bills. Now what would you think about this product? Would you like to have in your bathroom a toilet tank like this? Just check out the idea via images, I’m sure you’d like to have them.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

How To Make Glow In The Dark Paint

How to make a stunning decor for kids rooms? Because your children always look for something creative & strange things. This idea is very easy, because Rust-Oleum Specialty Glow In The Dark glows for up to two hours. Just need to apply on wood, metal, plaster, masonry or unglazed ceramic, and washes with soap and water. Great creativeness kids rooms, school projects and holiday decor.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Play With Lighting in Your Home via Smartphone

I hope you would to make your house today the home of tomorrow is the brand commitment made by SONTE, who introduced a futuristic solution for replacing natural shade with digitally controlled lighting. The systems consist of a smart film which can go from transparent to non-transparent in less than a second. So the film can be retro-fit onto any glass surface everywhere in the house, resulting in endless possibilities. And for all of you hi-tech enthusiasts out there, the catch is you can manage the level of transparency throughout your smartphone, by just downloading the iOS / Android app for free. Well; the installation procedure only takes a few minutes by adjusting the film size to your window, then applying a prototype clip. However; you can use the digital shading system on your interior windows, in order to adjust sun power in your house and on a dividing glass wall for privacy.

Our preferred benefit is the projection ability. Turn off the lights and enjoy your home theater, or play your favorite game anywhere in the house, super-sized. Curtains have been around for thousands of years without much progress. The little advances that have been made, such as motorized shades and smart glass, can be really expensive and complex to install as well. With SONTE Film, we set out to revolutionize the industry of windows and curtains to make digital shade technology affordable and easy to use for all. The project has taken off on Kickstarter and we suppose it will reach its objective in the following days. So what do you think about on this new digital shading idea? Would you consider giving up your curtains for a more high-tech lighting adjustment system?