Sunday, 28 September 2014

Beautiful Dome House Design by Patric Marsili

Patric Marsili design a very innovate and sustainable dome with modern and contemporary touching by using wooden materials which is called as the Solaleya Dome Home in 1988. The futuristic design of the dome has two benefits. Though mortgages fresh profile, characteristic, and also make a detailed study of the factors pressing on a roll at home. The common characteristics of the window, that bright, sun-drenched course will enable indoor use. On the basis of the building lets the mechanical structure, which is 360 degrees, turn maximizes the absorption of solar light solar panels on the ceiling. Almost 90% of the house was built with FSC-certified wood, and the structure of the isolated tubes Green. The interior is mostly wood, with sloping walls and a contemporary design idea centers around the fireplace from floor to ceiling. These robust domes have been tested for Category five hurricanes and earthquakes up to magnitude 8 on the scale of MSK.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Mobile Wooden Shelter is the Idea of Live in Harmony with Nature

Well, you might already be familiar with the term “Glamping” or stylish camping that provides you with the facilities of home while you are in the wilderness. The Soul Box by the studio Allergutendinge does just this with their mobile, wooden shelter. You can submerge yourself in peaceful views of nature and have a sound sleep under a sturdy roof at the same time. Actually soul box is a minimalist, beautiful two-storey building that features contains a kitchen and bed on the lower floor with a viewing platform on the upper one. The impressive bed is set at a mid-height and meant as both a place to sleep and a step towards the top. When once upstairs, the roof unlocks to let sunlight and a pleasant breeze in, letting for peaceable contemplation. Similarly, the front of the structure also folds down to make a slight patio.  Allergutendinge’s sense of inspiration for Soul Box came from “the dream of Arcadia,” which is the hint of an imaginary, pleasurable glory where you live in accord with nature. Of course, we must sooner or later return to our normal lives, and the designers planned for this. The wood frame construction can be disassembled to transport back home. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Architects Enlist Friends to Support Build Secluded Studio in the Forest

Though so many designers and architects perhaps select to have their practices centered in a bustling metropolis, but United Kingdom based architecture practice Invisible Studio took a diverse approach. They opted to design and built a timber structure in a forested area adjacent Bath in England. His friends and neighbors were enlisted to support with the entire construction and consumed untreated and unseasoned logs that were sourced from the surrounding woodlands.

The elegant, secluded studio is approximately 600 square feet of office space that's elevated above an outdoor workshop area. So to access the upper level, there is a wood plank bridge that spread out from the ground of an adjacent slope. Three exterior sides are beautifully wrapped in horizontally-banded wood boards that contrast a dark-colored base. The other side is enclosed with polycarbonate wall panels that let in substantial amounts of natural light.

Therefore invisible Studio's building was a learning process for its construction team, as none of the workers had any preceding experience. This fact was considered in the whole design, and the project was developed with untrained labor skills in mind. There were minimal drawings and they’re allowed for ad-hoc discoveries and in-progress decisions. Any mistakes were left unconcealed after the whole structure was completed.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Modular House Design Concept Clings to the Side of a Cliff

In response to a number of consumers seeking options for living on dangerous coastal plots, Australian prefab architecture firm Modscape has created the amazing Cliff House, a unique design concept for a home-based that extends precariously from the side of a cliff. Inspired by the way barnacles hang on to a ship's hull, the Cliff House clings to the cliff's edge, providing a thrilling view of the surrounding landscape and ocean waters

Therefore; the innovative 5 story house takes advantage of modular design and prefabrication skills to deliver a series of modules stacked vertically on top of each other, well attached to the cliff using engineered steel pins. Though the inhabitant of home will enter at the top floor, and then descend to each level via a lift. A barbecue and jacuzzi area at the bottom floor offers an instant connection with the sea, more emphasizing the Cliff House's exclusive design as a natural extension of the cliff.

Monday, 8 September 2014

2-Bedroom House in Washington Centered Around a 16-Car Garage

2-Bedroom House in Washington Centered Around a 16-Car Garage.

Galaxy Beddings Will Feel You to Sleep Among the Stars

The talented bedding designer Jail Betray has created an elegant series of galaxy duvet covers that’ll make you feel like you are sleeping among the stars. Every duvet featured on her CBedrooms Etsy shop is printed with a large and high-resolution print of a swirling galaxy, cloudy nebula or secretive moon. Betray sells 9 different designs, all of which come with a duvet cover, a bed sheet and two pillow cases. The impeccable gift for your beloved astronaut or astronomer!