Monday, 23 June 2014

Amazing Tree House Gives Natural Fanciful View From The Outside World.

This amazing Tree house is built around two large oak trees; the Tree house djuren was made as a relaxed retreat for a family on a wooded property in northern Germany. This lovely Tree House is constructed by designer Baumraum. The house features includes an eye-catching, egg-shaped silhouette book-ended by two oval windows and a glossy white facade. The balance of its modern exterior is a beautiful combination of wood and zinc metal, which provides small structure a minimalist feel as its supported by four steel rods.

Therefore; the convenient and inviting interior space includes sleeping benches well covered in gray felt set against medium-colored wood planks. Moreover; there’re ample of windows that gives gorgeous, unobstructed views of the treetops and bathes you in natural light. To reach the getaway, you’ve to climb two ship ladders that are separated by upper and lower wooden decks. The trees pierce the terraces and bear their weight, which sits as high as 18 feet. Similar to the other three houses you must admire before, this small dwelling offers a fanciful escape from the outside world.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Modern Beach Villas is ideal place to stay actually inspired by the Waves of the Ocean.

If you’re searching for new vacation destination, then Thailand’s Iniala Beach house is the perfect place for this summer vacations located in the city of Phuket. The modern technology based villas are ideal place to stay with perfect idyllic ocean views and world-class scuba diving. A-cero designed two out the ten interior spaces that includes the hotel, and their rooms stand side by side and share a huge pool. Joaquin Torres Arquitectos & Rafael Llamazares make up A-cero explain the thoughts behind their design choices. 

Both villas play with each other and achieve the opposite interior design between them. In the first room, the vertical lines flow introducing into the sight of the visitor and in the second room the curved lines move horizontally embracing the space around. It is a game of vertical and horizontal lines that wrap the space. There’re melodramatic characteristics to each of the luxurious interiors, such as the headboard that’s sculpturally attached to the ceiling and the white polycarbonate panels that line a wall. Both features are actually meant to make the best use of the reflection of natural light as well as mimic the ocean's waves. 

As far as guest rooms, A-cero also designed Aziamendi, the hotel’s 3-Michelin-Star restaurant, with the natural landscape in mind. The glass box provides you scenic and fully-immersive views, while wood panels also simulate the movement of water. The beautiful chairs are even upholstered in a specific shade of green that recalls the local vegetation. With this attention to detail and the outstanding scenery, we’re wondering when we can pack our bags.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Eco-Friendly Green Lantern Family Home under the Texan Sun

Just imagine living in a 4,000 square foot open home with your family how’d you spend your first week here? There’re a few things you need to see about the contemporary home known as the Green Lantern Residence. It occupies a corner area in Alamo Heights, an affluent neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas. The home is designed by San Antonio-based studio John Grable Architects, actually showing an open nature and embracing the natural surroundings in both shape and concept. The home kept some of its original floor-plan, because the single story bedroom portions of the original 1948 ranch style home remained and were encapsulated with new one and two story public space additions. 

John has carefully selected their design weapons, offering the family their visually striking private heaven. At the ground floor changes in level, stepping up over the pool along the main entry bridge and back down again from the kitchen to the living area, provide a playful dialogue and transition between public spaces, even as a largely open floor plan and substantial windows act to connect these spaces to each other and the outdoors. Moreover, wall-to-wall sliding doors in the living area open up to expand the room out into the pool and landscape that provides additional outdoor space for entertaining and gathering of friends and loved ones.

Moreover; the entry bridge spanning the pool enlivens these outdoor spaces with a grotto waterfall niche that compliments the cool shade of the heritage trees that reside throughout the yard. This rhythm is mirrored at the second floor as a series of folding doors in the ‘party room’ open to a large out-door terrace in the tree canopies, which again steps down to its own “landscape” green roof garden with beautiful hot tub that takes in distance vistas of downtown. Therefore incorporating sustainable systems similar photovoltaic panels, a green roof system, grey-water harvesting and LED lighting, the home was built with reverence for natural design.

The new construction was designed to re-use the existing foundation, and wood from the preceding structure was recycled and re-used. Passive systems i.e. arbors and overhang structures were implemented to form shading and decrease solar gain, though the complete project was sited to protect the number of existing heritage oak trees establish throughout the site during construction. It seems perfect for entertaining, living a relaxed & joyful family life and enjoying a healthy, sustainable approach to urban living, this green-certified home fold the most important home sustainability issues into an elegant, eco-friendly family home.