Saturday, 29 March 2014

Suspended Staircase Converted into Stunning Versatile Structure.

When the proprietors of a top-floor apartment in Olso, Norway bought the loft above it, they needed to unify the two floors. Well-known as Idunsgate, it was refurbished by the London-based architecture firm Haptic, who consumed part of their time updating areas like the bedroom and bathroom. They also added a spectacular, brand new feature to the 19th century building.  The suspended staircase was actually built as a subtle divide between the kitchen and living room. The lovely frame is made of white-coated steel and the steps of smooth, light wood. And it is interlinked to the 2nd level of the apartment, and it gives the illusion that the structure is floating in mid-air. When you walk upstairs, the open risers let you to observe what’s below. Although the entire contribution to the unobtrusive design and works well in the limited space. It’s architecturally modern and enhances an artistic element to the apartment without detracting from its decor. Since Idunsgate’s staircase doesn’t touch the ground, and it is beautifully finished by a wooden piece of furniture that complements the steps. It not only serves as the base of the stairs, but doubles as a chest of drawers and window seat. This dual purpose is an intelligent usage of space and makes the stairs an astonishingly versatile structure.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Unique Space-Saving Light Design with Potted Plants

To use the overhead space of any room is a great thinking skill, like Bucket-light is a multifunctional design that makes the most of unused overhead spaces. The inventive design is created by Dutch designer Roderick Vos actually a concept of both a hanging plant as well as overhead illumination, which creates comfortable environment filled natural greenery.
The creative lighting keeps floor and desk spaces free of clutter and every piece consists of two LED lights that are sealed into the bottom of two joined plant pots. The cast aluminum lamps can be suspended from the ceiling with a reinforced electrical cable. Plugs positioned directly in the pots permit users to link their computers to the sockets which saves areas organized by preventing a mess of tangled cords.
The exciting and practical design is a great way to enhance a little life to an otherwise undecorated space without creating clutter. Because we did not have sufficient floor space at our office, shops and showroom, and were in anxious need of light, the Bucket-light was born. This is really unique idea to use overhead space to give fresh essence of environment. Source: Charismatic Planet