Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Stylishly Coffee Table Strength in Simplicity by Bungee Cord Tension

The British design studio Henry Swanzy Ltd actually operates under the slogan of “Strength in Simplicity” and their newest piece of furniture fully embodies this motto. The design team has created a clever coffee table, called Bareppa, held together using tension from a bungee cord. The appealing ideas behind this piece of furniture are heavily guided by its minimalistic approach and ease of assembly. Without any doubt it's designed for owners to effortlessly put it together in just one minute. The three wooden legs are attached at specific angle, slotted into the table top, and syndicate with the weight of the glass to attain stability; the bungee cord merely increases tension to keep the legs in their suitable positions.

Henry Swanzy is based in Falmouth; United Kingdom, the company creates contemporary furniture that is both sophisticated and functional. In 2013, Henry Swanzy launched the company, shows craft skills that have been honed more than twenty years in the industry and seem in the quality and detail of the furniture. He worked predominantly with wood for its strength and adaptability, and he has also developed a deep respect for the material that “has been integral to our existence for tens of thousands of years.”

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